Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Making progress...

Ok, it's been a few days since I've last posted and there has definitely been some progress made in all areas from sleeping better at night, to Anna opening up to us girls more too! Yeah!! On Monday (the day after Gotcha Day) we had some paperwork to take care of so we went to the Civil Affair's Office that morning. This is where the adoption was official and Anna Wei Wei became our daughter!! After that we went to where any visiting family in China would Walmart!! We had to get some necessities like more diapers, wipes and since we were hungry as it was lunchtime, we got many snacks. The girls had fun taking turns pushing Anna around in the shopping cart and she did great! We got some KFC for lunch and headed back to the hotel. Jaime put Anna down for a nap while I took the big girls to the playroom in our hotel to burn off some energy. I came back an hour later to check on them and Anna had only slept for 15 minutes before waking up. I guess better than nothing! That evening she had her first bath...well, not her first  bath ever, but just as our daughter! :-) She didn't care for it too much but she did tolerate it. She went to bed around 7:45 and the rest of us went to bed around 8:30. The big girls did better this night, as they slept til 5:45, not toally ideal but that wake up time I can deal with, but then Anna was up at 4:30 in which this case mommy was a little glad for her prefering daddy because guess who got up with her while mommy got to sleep a little longer??

Now we are to Tuesday and are headed to The People's Park. It was our guide, Jenny's, idea to go there and we are so glad she took us there as it was lots of fun. We had no idea what to expect but they had lots to do for all the girls! The park was huge, so lots of walking and beautiful scenery as well as stops along the way at different park like features, like swings, monkey bars, etc. But the girls favorite part was when we got to the amusement park! There was all kinds of rides so the girls picked about 4 or 5 to ride and loved them all! Anna had a great time too and loves being outside. We got lots of smiles and even some laughs too! On the way back to the hotel we stopped at McDonalds for lunch to go (can I just tell you how ready I am for a home cooked meal??) and Jaime and our guide went inside to order while I stayed in the car with the girls! So, that means Anna had to sit with her mama and she wasn't too happy at first, but she calmed down pretty quickly. And not only that but I even got her to smile at me as well as laugh as we were playing, so that just melted this mommy's heart to have my daughter show me these emotions instead of being sad and crying. Again, making some progress!!

At the hotel we did the same as the day before, had lunch, Jaime put Anna down for her nap while I took the big girls to the playroom and this time she slept for abour 45 minutes. Not great, but again, better than the day before with her 15 minute nap! We just hung out in our room, ordered room service (rice and noodles) and then to bed around 9:00. We all slept in til about 5:45, even Anna too so getting better. She did wake up around 1:45 though and Daddy got her back to sleep but it took about 40 minutes or so.

Today, Wednesday, our guide took us to an inside park as the weather was very cold and windy. It was hot yesterday so that part of this trip reminds us of home and that infamous Texas weather...We told our guide, Jenny about that saying we Texans say 'If you don't like the weather just wait 5 minutes' and she loved it! The girls had lots of fun at the inside park today, there were trampolines, swings, slides, a ball pit and even boats! Anna had fun too, but the big girls definitely had a blast! Anna took a great nap today-just over 2 hours!! We are hanging out in the room right now just playing and about to have dinner but not sure just what yet. Rice or noodles?? Who knows?? Maybe we'll branch out and order something else and with that too, we will make some progress.