Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's updating time...

Ok, wow, sorry as it's been a REALLY, REALLY long time for an update. I had no idea I hadn't updated our blog since August 2009, but that is the last time I did! Anyway, as the title says it's updating time; time to update the blog and time for us to update our paperwork. Every 15 months or so while we are still waiting we have to update some of our information like our homestudy so we met with Tiffany, our social worker, this past weekend. This week I went in to have another physical so that will be updated as well and have bloodwork done too, and Jaime goes in for that tomorrow! I'm pretty confident that all will go well, as we have been blessed with good health! We will also have to update our fingerprinting as well, and a few other things.

China has placed children with their 'forever families' through April 17th of 2006, and our log in date was last year, March 5, 2009. We have 'officially' been waiting just over a year and have many, many more to wait! Just to keep you in the loop, last year alone families with log in dates of the month of March 2006 were placed with their children. So, in one entire year, they went through just one month! So, even though we are three years from our log in date, it will take a lot longer than that to get to us...make sense?? A question from many of you is...'What if the wait is just too long, will you drop out and not adopt?' And our answer to that is ABSOLUTELY NOT!! We are the parents of 3 girls... period!! So, what's next?? When we started this process over 1 1/2 years ago we knew the wait could be as long as 3 to 4 years and we were prepared for that. We've only been waiting one year so we plan on waiting another year or so, and if the wait looks like it could be another 7 to 8 years (or something crazy like that), then our next option is to look into the special needs program with our agency. We've already submitted our application for that program but we would then just actively pursue a special needs daughter if and when the time is right and we feel like God is calling us to do that. We are still waiting but that is our next option if and when the wait becomes too long! Hope that makes sense and answers your question regarding if we'd ever pull out of the adoption.

A cute story about our youngest, see she was only 2 when we started this journey and now that she is almost 4, she is really starting to understand what is going on. She prays for her 'little sister' from China almost every night and refers to herself as a big sister. One night when I was letting Abby stay up longer than Avery and we were going to play a game, Avery asked 'Mommy, when we get my little sister from China, and I'm a big sister, then can I stay up later than her and play a game?' cute! Our girls are so excited and can not wait either, just like us, to meet their little sister!

Thanks to everyone who continues to pray for us through this journey and I can not wait until the day comes for us to bring our daughter home from China!! What a day that will be!!!