Friday, May 27, 2011

Doing good...

Well, we have been home with Anna exactly a week now and things couldn't be any better! She is doing absolutely amazing with everything from sleeping, to eating, to playing with her toys and feeling comfortable in her new home. Last night she woke up only one time and all we had to do was reassure her that her mommy and daddy were there and she went right back to sleep! At night the past week when she does wake up she just sits up and fusses and as soon as she sees us or hears our voices she lays right back down and goes to sleep. Poor baby girl, we think all she wants is be reassured we are still there and it's been getting less and less each night that she does that. She takes great naps in her crib in her room (sometimes we wake her after 3 hours so she'll sleep at night) and she sleeps about 12 hours or more in her pack 'n' play in our room at night!

As far as her eating goes, the entire time we were in China we only fed her soft foods such as oatmeal, mashed potatoes, yogurt, etc. She had surgery on her palate back in March and these kinds of foods is what she was eating at the home she was in so we just did the same. Earlier this week I called the specialist we will be taking her to next month just to see if we were on the right track with her eating and the nurse said we could actually start feeding her pretty much anything. We just needed to start slow with different textures of foods and see how she does. Well, that day (Tuesday) I gave her some lunch meat, cheese, cheerios and a banana (all cut up) and she ate every bite!! Woohoo!! I'm sure she was so excited to be eating those foods and that will make it much easier to feed her as well.

We haven't gotten her out much, only twice and the two outings have been to the doctors and then to the lab to get bloodwork done. Poor girl, we need to get her out and take her somewhere fun, or she will think everytime we go somewhere it's to the doctors. On Wednesday we took her to our pediatrician and were there a total of 2 hours so considering the length of time of our visit she did great! They gave us some labwork for us to take her to do the following day so we took her in for that and oh....poor baby girl! The first lab we went to had a hard time finding a good vein to stick but stuck her two times anyway and were unsuccessful. So they then sent us across the street to another lab for them to try. They stuck her once and were able to get some blood but the needle came out, so they stuck her again in the other arm and were able to get some more blood until it started clogging in the tube. So we were done, and are hoping they got enough so we don't have to take her back there. Poor girl was crying so much she was sweating! Needless to say we took her for ice cream after that, that's the least we could do after going through all that!

Just wanted to update the blog and let everyone know how things are going. Jaime is working on updating the website with pictures of being home so check it soon for new pictures. I'll include the link...

Thanks again for continued prayers and support! We appreciate you all!


Natalie said...

So glad to hear how well she is doing! I loved seeing the pictures of her at your house, and especially of the older girls playing with her. What a beautiful family!

Keri said...

so happy for you all! I love that she is feeling loved and becoming more secure each day. We've been doing an in-depth study of Ephesians this summer, and the idea of our Heavenly Father adopting us just resonates when reading about this journey. We'll keep praying for your family!