Monday, January 17, 2011

It's updating time...

Ok, sorry I haven't updated in a few weeks, I really do need to be better about that, don't I?? (don't answer that Amy ;-) So, here I am updating...let's see where to begin?? Let's start with Christmas break a few weeks ago when we took the girls to get their passports. It really is an awesome story of how God is such a BIG part of our adoption process down to the smallest of details...Well, we needed to get our girls' their passports over the 2 week break from school while they were off. A few days before we took them to get their passports, a sweet friend of ours from church had emailed to me saying she was touched by our story and wanted to donate some money to help with our travel funds to China. I was so touched that she wanted to help us, but at the same time hesitant to let her so I didn't send her our address right away. Well, a few days later what did we get in the mail? A check from that sweet friend for the EXACT amount of what the girls' passports and passport photos were going to cost us!! Later she had told me, after I didn't send her our address, she just 'happen' to be looking in a place she never looks and what was in there?? Our address I had given her a year earlier that she had forgotten about. If that isn't the hand of God in this journey I don't know what is!!! Just so amazed by God's blessings in all of this!

The next step in this process is waiting on our I800 approval (the US immigration saying we are ok to adopt Anna Wei Wei) and we got that approval this past Friday-yippee!! So, now we wait for them to send that approval to the NVC (National Visa Center) and then both of those will go to China and soon after that is when we receive TA (travel approval) and will make our Chinese consulate appointment. We are still looking to travel to China to get Anna in late March/early April!! We are so busy getting ready for her, and can't wait til the day we go to China to get our baby girl!!

We also spoke with the lady where Anna is at right now and as of now we are unsure if Anna Wei Wei will go to a foster home or not. Originally she was going to go to one but I guess now that we hope to be there in 2 months that might be too much moving her around so she is hoping Anna gets to stay with them at the home she is at now. I trust she knows what's best for Anna so if she says that is best for her, then we hope that is what happens as well.

I think that is everything that has happened thus far in this journey since the last time I posted. Oh and if you didn't see the last post where there was a picture of our precious Anna, look below at the last blog entry on January 5th to see her!! Can't wait to squeeze her up!

Thanks again to all of you who are lifting us up in prayer throughout this journey, we absolutely are feeling those prayers!