Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anna's finding ad

When a child is abandoned in China, they are usually left in a very public place where they can easily be found. There are numerous reasons why children (especially girls) are abandoned. Sometimes it has to do with China's "one child policy" or, the Chinese culture which places a higher value and gives preference to boys. Other times, children are born with special needs and the parents simply aren't able or can't afford to care for them. Knowing this, they leave their child in a very public place where they know they will be found, placed in an orphanage and hopefully adopted into a loving family that is able to care for them.  When a child is found, their picture is placed in a "finding ad". These ads appear in newspapers and is a way for the government to be sure that somebody isn't looking for the child, perhaps a relative.

We are fortunate to have received Anna's finding ad. Some of you may know that she was found on August 3rd, 2009 in front of a government building. Amazing that her parents left her there. We don't know why. We hope that they left her there hoping that Anna would find her forever family. A family that will protect her, care for her and love her like crazy. They may never know for sure, but she did find that family, or I guess you could say we found her.


AM said...

So, now I'm curious! What does the ad say? "Adorable baby girl found"? We need to find someone who can translate. Melissa, what a neat thing for her scrapbook, too!

Happy Zoo Keeper said...

WOW!! Awesome gift to be able to know details on her early story & show Anna that she was loved by her birth mother. God is good!!
Ditto on the scrap it will be amazing:)

Melissa said...

When we receive he hard copy of the finding ad it will have the translation. We'll let ya know!