Monday, December 15, 2008

We're ok to adopt!!

Well, if you read my last post, you'll know what I'm referring to, but we are ok to adopt even with our oldest daughter making a toy gun with our social worker on her last visit with us! Tiffany, the social worker, turned in the full home study report to Great Wall (the adoption agency) on Wednesday, November 26th, the day before Thanksgiving and sent us a copy too! And thank you Lord, she didn't even mention the toy gun, all she did was refer to Abby as a 'very imaginative child'!! Yah!! Let me tell you just how much I was relieved!! And not only that but she also said in her words 'This Great Wall Social Worker finds Jaime and Melissa Reyes to be excellent candidates for adoption of a third child'!! Yippee!! Anyway, Great Wall took about 2 weeks to review it and sent us and Tiffany an email last week commenting on how well put together this home study was (great job Tiffany) and there was just a few revisions to make so once those are made and sent back to Great Wall then our next step is to send the home study along with our I800A form (something for immigration) and they will schedule us appointments for fingerprinting. The only bad/sad part about this next step is that it can take up to 90 days, yes, that's right 90 days, so essentially 3 months!! But it's out of our control, it's all in God's hands and I know His timing is perfect, so we just have to be patient. So far things have been moving right along so I just pray they continue to do so. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support. We'll continue to keep you posted on the next steps of our adoption journey!!


Erin said...

That is so awesome!