Monday, December 29, 2008

I800A Form is in!

Last week on Tuesday, December 23rd our dossier consultant emailed us and our social worker and said our home study had been approved (they had to make a few revisions so it was now ready-Yah!), Tiffany, our social worker, made all the copies and got them notarized and mailed them to us on Christmas Eve. We received them in the mail on Friday the 26th and Jaime had already completed the I800A form so he took that along with the home study and all the attachments (copies of birth certificates, marriage license, etc.) to FedEx on Saturday and the government received it this morning at 9:15 a.m. Amazing that all that took place in less than a week and Christmas was in the middle of that as well! So, this is our final step before sending our dossier to China, we have to wait for our I800A (immigration and finger printing) to be completed which can take a few months and once we get that back we send that, along with many other documents to China for our dossier and get our LID (log in date) and that is when the 'real' wait time officially starts with the agency and China! But at least we are just one more step closer to getting our daughter, Please pray this next step doesn't take too long and we can get our dossier sent to China in early 2009! Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


Les and Kimberly said...

What is a dossier? I am not familiar with that term. :)
I'm so excited for y'all!!!