Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We have possible dates for travel!!

We heard from our agency yesterday on possible dates for travel. We still aren't to the point where we can book our flights or anything but we are getting close. We hope to have our Article 5 picked up tomorrow in China and taken to the CCAA(Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs) by Monday, and then we wait for Travel Approval and then we can make our US consulate appointment. Ok, so onto our possible dates...well, our agency sent us an email saying that families travel on Thursdays based on when appointments are once you arrive, so with that, the ONLY date we can travel in April is the 7th! China has different holidays throughout the month of April where offices are closed, etc. so that rules out anyone traveling any of the other Thursdays (April 14th, 21st or the 28th). If we don't get our stuff in time (Article 5, Travel Approval, etc.) then the next available date to travel is Thursday, May 5th. So, we are tentatively planning on the May 5th date for us to travel to get our precious Anna!!

Oh and one other thing we have to do is have one more home study visit with our social worker and that is scheduled for next Thursday, March 3rd, so pray that all goes well (and neither girl wants to make a 'toy gun' for her...LOL-if you've read all my posts up til now you will know what I'm refering too ;-)

I'll keep you posted on when we hear more so you all will know exactly when we leave for China!

Thanks again for your continued support and prayers!!


Jennifer said...

YAY!!!! I can not WAIT to meet that sweet little girl!! I'll be praying for y'all..:)