Tuesday, February 8, 2011

God has done it again!!!

Yesterday, Monday, February 7th started out as an ordinary day; I woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast, took Avery to school, then headed to the gym to do a class at 10:00 but since I got there early I brought my bible study book to read and work on. I then did the class at 10:00, went to the grocery store, went home to unload groceries, ate lunch, and then I uploaded pictures to Walmart for my upcoming scrapbook retreat, etc. In the late afternoon when I went to check our mail that is when my ordinary day turned to an absolutely extraordinary day!!! You see what I found in our mailbox was an envelope that had Reyes Family written on it and that was the first and only handwritten thing that I saw. As I opened it up there was a beautiful 'Congratulations' card inside that was blank and inside the card there was a sheet of paper with a typed message saying that God had given them this money and He told them to give it to us to help with our adoption travels, along with some bible verses typed on the paper as well, and with that message there was a cashiers check for a VERY GENEROUS amount of money. In fact, I'm still in AWE of the generousity of this person (or people) that donated this amount of money anonymously to us to help us with our trip to China to adopt our baby girl! I truly am speechless and just can't seem to stop the tears from flowing every time I think about it!

Let me back up to earlier in my day when I was at the gym working on my bible study for this week. The study we are doing is by Priscilla Shirer and it's called One in a Million: Journey to your Promised Land. I'm on week two and the part that I was working on talks about how we all go through difficulties in our lives, or what she calls them 'The Wildnerness' but we've got to journey through those to get to where God wants us to be, just like how Moses led people out of Egypt to a better place, Canaan. They could have gone a different way, but God knew the way they needed to go that was best for them. Anyway, there was a part that asked us to list the toughest part about our 'wildnerness journey' we are going through and how we see God's part in it, and the FIRST thing I listed was 'money for our adoption'. I think that is why I can't seem to stop the tears from flowing because I didn't know how my day was going to turn out with God's part in my wilderness. Nor did the person or people that generously gave us that money have ANY idea that very same day I had put down 'money for our adoption travel' as our wilderness but only GOD knew exactly what was going to happen!! So, yes, GOD has done it again and has provided for us with this adoption in ways I just didn't think were possible! Which is silly right?  Because with God ALL things are possible!!

Just had to share this amazing story with all of you! Thanks to everyone for your support and your prayers! I really wish I knew who it was that donated the money, so I could thank them personally, but I know that is not what they wanted because they wanted God to get the glory, as it should be so...THANK YOU GOD for this amazing gift!
In Him,


Happy Zoo Keeper said...

How encouraging to watch the hand of God moving hearts & people together. We've been praying that God would stir hearts towards the needs of orphans in the world , specifically children that are waiting and considered more difficult to adopt.
Thank you both for hearing His voice, and taking united steps of faith and obedience. Thank you also for continuing to give the glory to Him. Your story is a precious and powerful reminder of our Father's heart...and how His plans to fulfill our longings are intentional,well timed & immeasurably more than we could imagine.
Love you!