Friday, December 17, 2010

LSC is in!!!!!!

Wow, I'm still stunned as I type this entry for our adoption blog!! We received the call from our agency today at 1:30 that our LSC from China is in!! That is the Letter Seeking Confirmation, which basically says that China says they officially match us with Anna and that we can adopt her. We were told just last week that this step could take 5-12 weeks to come in and in just over ONE week we got the call!! I can hardly believe it!! So, all that to say this bumps up EVERYTHING now big time!! In fact Jaime and I had plans for dinner out tonight for date night and instead we will be ordering in so we can work on our adoption stuff.

The lady from the agency said we are looking at a travel time of 3 to 4 months so, in either March or April we will be going to China to get our precious, absolutely adorable daughter Anna!! I seriously can hardly stand it!!!! (can you tell??) Thank you Jesus for this early Christmas gift! First, Thanksgiving Day and now this! Wow!!

Just had to share the latest and I'll keep updating as we know more with every step! Please continue to pray for us as we are getting closer and closer to bringing our daughter home! We appreciate the prayers already being lifted up in our behalf!!

~Melissa and Jaime


Happy Zoo Keeper said...

Surly God is with you:)
Can't wait for Anna's shower!!
Love you guys,

aidkaid19 said...

I just got to your blog and wow, ive been reading and i am so happy for you all <3

(amanda - from LTF haha)