Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dossier to China

Well, it's offical...our dossier (all required adoption paperwork) is on it's way to China as I type this post! If you read our last post, we went to Austin last week on Tuesday, February 17th to have our I797-C form (US Government approval) certified by the State, then sent everything to Houston to the Chinese Consulate (on Wednesday the 18th) to have them authenticate everything. They received our papers on Thursday and sent them back to us on Friday, in which we got them from UPS on Monday of this past week. We put everything together (ok, really Jaime did) and sent it off to our adoption agency in Austin for them to look over it all. They called on Thursday and said everything looked 'perfect' and was in the China box and they sent it off yesterday, Friday. They said we will receive our 'Log in' Date sometime next week but may not hear back from them as to what the exact date is for another 4 to 6 weeks, but not to worry.

Anyway, this is such a good feeling to have this 'paper chase' part over with and now the real waiting begins! Please just continue praying for us during this process as this will be a long wait but we know in the end our daughter will be more than worth this wait!

I'll post again when we have our official 'log in' date!
Thanks again for all your support and prayers! Ya'll are the best!
~Melissa and Jaime


Sarah said...

Love the updates, Melissa! Continued prayers for strength and guidance in this journey!