Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We're going to China!!!!!

Ok, there has been quite a lot that has happened recently but I'll start with the first bit of news that we received last week and that is Travel Approval! That is one of the last steps we were waiting on and now that we've gotten it all that is left is making our Consulate appointment and then booking our flights to China! Our agency is working on our consulate appointment and we hope to hear back from them THIS week and that should confirm that we will be going to China on May 5th! That is 7 weeks from tomorrow, March 17th!!! So, we have lots to do to get ready to bring our 3rd daughter HOME!! As soon as we hear when our consulate appointment is and book our flights we will let you all know!

This morning before Jaime left for the fire station he woke me up to show video footage Jenny had sent us of Anna Wei Wei (so needless to say I was not one bit upset he woke me up at 5 am during spring break ;-) She sent us 5 different videos of Anna at the place she is at and has been for the last year (all recent footage). I will post some of them on the blog so you can enjoy them too. They are just precious!!

And onto other BIG news and a HUGE praise is we heard back from Show Hope (the Steven Curtis Chapman organization for orphans) and they have awarded us a grant!! Thank you Lord!! We applied to two different organizations for grants and heard back from one a few weeks ago that we had been denied so we had been hoping and praying that this one would help us with our travel funds and they did! And really, how fitting is it that this one chose us to help?? I mean, considering it was Steven Curtis Chapman himself that planted the seed in our minds to even consider adopting from China 6 years ago at his concert! Just amazing how God works that way!!

Ok, now onto some videos of our precious Anna Wei Wei! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!!



Happy Zoo Keeper said...

YAY!! So amazing how God has truly directed & confirmed His plans for your family! Those videos are so precious...does Anna's friend need a home;)Prov 15:30, what joy Anna's cheerful looks have brought.Sooo hope we use Great Wall, very impressed with how they've blessed your family. Show Hope is a ministry that Abba is hoping to connect with too. What a blessing they have been! Girl, you are blessed, how great is our God and the hits just keep coming:)