Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We booked our flight!!!

It's official!! We are going to China and are leaving 6 weeks from today, which is Tuesday, May 3rd. That also happens to be Avery's 5th birthday-happy birthday to her!! Jaime has been working with a travel agent who specializes in international adoption and they finally nailed down our itinerary so we booked our flights to and from Hong Kong today! We fly into Hong Kong because Anna Wei Wei is in south China and that is the closest airport to where we need to be. We leave early May 3rd and return Thursday evening, May 19th so we will be gone just over 2 weeks. One thing they include in this trip is a tour of Beijing for a day but we opted to skip that and instead take the girls to Disneyland Hong Kong for the day! We surprised them with that just a few nights ago and they are very excited!!

We are really hoping 'Gotcha Day' will be May 8th, as that is Mother's Day. Gotcha day is the actual day when we will get to not only see in person, but hold our precious daughter, Anna Wei Wei, for the first time and from that day on, we will be a Forever Family!! Our agency said it will either be the 8th or 9th and we will know for sure in a day or so. Our US consulate appointment is set for May 17th and we fly home the 18th, not getting back here until the 19th. Some have asked how long the flight is...well, it's a total of about 18 hours of flying time. From here we fly to California and that flight is about 4 hours, then we have a layover that lasts a few hours,then from California we fly straight to Hong Kong and that flight is 14 hours.  Then we do the same thing coming back, fly from Hong Kong to California (this time the flight is about 13 hours) and then another layover in California, and then from there to DFW in a 4 hour flight!!

I can't believe this is finally happening ,and soon we will be meeting our daughter! Thanks again to everyone who has been with us every step of this journey. We could not have done it without your prayers and support! We appreciate you all!!
Much love,


Sarah said...

woooooooooo hoooooooo! Thank you, Lord! My heart is rejoicing with you!!! Praying for all to go according to His perfect will. XO